Safeguarded by one of the world's most progressive Constitutions, South Africa has an independent judiciary, a free press and a robust multiparty political system.


SA’s self-breathalyser

South Africans can now test their own alcohol limits with ease using a disposable breathalyser manufactured to international standards by local firm Redline Products, in partnership with Arrive Alive.

South Africa’s new R5 coin

The Reserve Bank has launched a new bi-metal R5 coin with added security features in a bid to outsmart counterfeiters, and urged South Africans to familiarise themselves not only with the new R5 coin, but with all South African currency.
South Africans: take a Sho't Left!

South Africans: take a Sho’t Left!

Tourism isn't only for overseas visitors: take a Sho't Left and start finding out how much of your country you don't know - and how getting there could be easier than you thought.
Sustainable South Africa fact file

Joburg World Summit plus two

Two years after the World Summit on Sustainable Development, the four-day Johannesburg+2 conference will assess the implementation of the resolutions taken at the Summit, and seek to refine South Africa's sustainable development vision.
isiZulu news site a world first

isiZulu news site a world first

The isiZulu language has burst onto the Internet with the launch of Isolezwe - the world's first isiZulu news website. Editor Philani Mgwaba says the site will target the "emerging, urban-based, aspirational and knowledgeable Zulu market".
Discovering South African heritage

Research South African genealogy on the internet

Gone are the days of waiting for snail mail from possible relatives on the other side of the world. Family history research is far more accessible - and addictive - in the Internet age. Sharon Marshall offers a primer of sites for SA amateur genies.
Umsobomvu Youth Fund

Portal, call centre for SA youth

The Umsobomvu Youth Fund has launched an Internet portal and nationwide call centre to provide information and services relating to career development, employment, entrepreneurship, health and well being to young South Africans.

SA banks must ‘know their clients’

The Financial Intelligence Centre Act, which requires South Africa's banks to verify the personal details of all their customers, aims to prevent money laundering and maintain the integrity of the country's financial systems.
Help the govt cut red tape

Help the govt cut red tape

Frustrated by the many forms and processes that accompany government service delivery? Tired of waiting in long queues? The government has called on citizens, businesses and public servants to help identify the main "red tape" problems that South Africans face, and to make suggestions on how to solve them.
W Cape's trilingual govt gateway

W Cape’s trilingual govt gateway

The Western Cape has launched a trilingual web portal - incorporating the world's first isiXhosa portal - giving residents a single point of access to government information and services in the province's three official languages, backed up by the Cape Gateway call centre and walk-in-centre.


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