Vision 2030: Taking South Africa’s NDP to Davos

As international movers and shakers get down to business at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in the Swiss town of Davos, Team SA is sharing the message that South Africa is a globally competitive economy, open for business. Key to that message is our National Development Plan, a vision of the country we want to see in the year 2030.

South African flag at WEF Davos
The South African flag flies at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, on 17 January 2017. (Image: World Economic Forum)

Put simply, the National Development Plan (NDP) is a map on our journey to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030.

It’s a plan to unite South Africans, unleash the energies of its people, build an inclusive economy, educate citizens, and improve the ability of the state, leaders and everyone else to work together – the only way we can solve our complex problems.

The NDP doesn’t expect the government alone to do all the work. The plan is clear on the fact that a better future is the responsibility of all who live in South Africa.

This vision for South Africa in 2030 is divided into 13 specific goals. These are:

  1. Health care for all
  2. Safety and freedom from fear
  3. Economy and employment
  4. A skilled workforce
  5. Economic infrastructure
  6. Vibrant rural communities
  7. Sustainable human settlements
  8. Accountable local government
  9. A healthy natural environment
  10. South Africa’s place in the world
  11. Efficient public service
  12. Inclusive social protection
  13. Nation building and social cohesion

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