Upholding the values enshrined in the constitution

South Africa over the weekend inaugurated its sixth democratically elected President; Cyril Ramaphosa after the national general elections in May 2019. Brand South Africa congratulates his Excellency Ramaphosa and affirms its support to reinforce its role in building a brighter tomorrow.

The Nation Brand image and reputation is strengthened by the resilience demonstrated by the vibrant constitution, and institutions that continuously and effortlessly manage the transition to a new dawn domestically and internationally.

The Presidential inauguration was a momentous event for the nation and it is also imperative to acknowledge the Public servants who heeded the call and ensured a safe and successful event.

The inauguration coincided with Africa Day, a day that commemorates the formation of the African Union in 1963 to acknowledge and celebrate Africa’s history, heritage and culture. This significant day is and will be forever an opportunity to celebrate our democratic values and system of governance.

In his address, President Ramphosa expressed his appreciation; “I stand before you having just taken the oath to be President of our beautiful country, South Africa. I am humbled by the trust you have bestowed upon me, aware of the challenges our country faces, but also alive to the fact that our people are filled with hope for a better tomorrow.”

As the country awaits the conclusion of its new administration and leadership, Brand South Africa urges citizens to continue to strengthen and build an inclusive economy and play their part in contributing towards economic stimulation/ for all. Brand South Africa also congratulates Members of the National Assembly and Provincial Legislatures Parliament who were sworn in by Chief Justice.

Remembering the theme of the inauguration, “Together Celebrating Democracy: Renewal and Growth for a Better South Africa”, as the foundation to ensure a South Africa all are proud to call home.

“I am saying yes, South Africa Thuma Mina. And I pledge here today that I will serve you, I will work with you, side by side, to build South Africa that we all want and deserve. A new era has dawned in our country. A brighter day is rising upon South Africa and upon our beloved continent, Africa. Nkosi Sikelel’ Afrika”, concludes, President Ramaphosa’s address