South Africa’s political parties

South Africa has a vibrant multiparty political system, with 13 parties represented in the National Assembly of Parliament. Brand South Africa reporter The African National Congress...

Penalties for UIF defaulters

The Unemployment Insurance Fund has gone fully electronic - but less than 10% of South Africa's employers have supported its move to a database system, and complied with the law, by forwarding their employees' particulars to the Fund.
Department of Human Settlements

Houses for everyone

Housing is at the forefront of the national agenda for delivery and the government is taking overall responsibility for providing houses to all.

Visit Parliament

Attend a parliamentary sitting, public hearing or committee meeting, have a discussion with a Member of Parliament, or take part in a guided tour of Parliament.

South African local and municipal governments

Now we're getting close to home. Find out how local government works, how municipal councils are elected - and where you fit into the municipal scheme of things.

South African provincial governments

What's a Premier? What does an MEC do? Find out about South Africa's nine provincial governments, and how they relate to national government and the local governments beneath them.


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