The force behind SA's free varsity

The force behind SA’s free varsity

Taddy Blecher, a founding member of Cida City Campus, South Africa's almost-free tertiary institution, is clearly the spark that makes this audacious dream a success.
A huge investment in education

Own-language schooling, for free

South African education is in for a major overhaul. Reforms on the way include free schooling for the poor, own language schooling, promotion of mathematical literacy, higher pay for teachers and more financial support for students.
R160m home for National Library

R160m home for National Library

Queuing to gain access to South Africa's National Library will be a thing of the past when a state-of-the-art R160-million building opens in Pretoria's city centre in 2007.
Opening SA's digital doorway

Opening SA’s digital doorway

The Digital Doorway project, which explores "minimally invasive education" as an alternative means of promoting wide-scale computer literacy in rural and peri-urban areas, has installed more than 150 terminals across South Africa.
Let's dance!

Let’s dance!

A creative initiative called Dance for All is giving underprivileged children in the Western Cape a constructive outlet after school. Not only are the kids having fun learning to dance, they're also being provided with valuable opportunities for employment in the performing arts.
Circus kids go Zip Zap

Circus kids go Zip Zap

The Cape-Town based Zip Zap Circus takes children from all walks of life, gives them free training in circus and life skills, tours the country putting on free shows, raises most of its own funding through corporate and stunt work, and has even bigger plans for its future. Don't skimp on the applause!
'Ubuntu' university lifts off

‘Ubuntu’ university lifts off

CIDA City Campus has turned the traditional model of higher education on its head. Partnership based, community oriented, technology driven, the university provides world-class education to disadvantaged students at a fraction of the normal cost. Sound impossible?
Help with research & homework

Help with research & homework

Need help with your research - or your homework? Here's a range of links to online resources, archives, libraries, museums and science councils that should get you started.


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