South Africa’s 2014 elections – a resource pack

Compiled by Mary Alexander

On 7 May 2014 South Africans will vote for their national and provincial government representatives, in the fifth democratic elections since the end of apartheid 20 years ago. We bring you a timetable leading up to the elections, a fun video for first-time voters, and useful contacts for finding out more about the election process.

Information courtesy of the Independent Electoral Commission, or IEC, and the Open Society Foundation for South Africa.

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Road to 2014 elections infographic
The IEC’s Road to 2014 Elections infographic. Click for a larger view.

The road to the vote – a 2014 elections timetable

25 February – The election date is proclaimed, and the voters’ roll closed.

28 to 31 March – Lists of all candidates for political parties, with accompanying documents, open for inspection at the IEC’s national office in Pretoria. See the IEC contact details below.

1 April, 17h00 – Deadline for objections to political parties’ candidate lists.

7 April, 17h00 – Deadline for the IEC to make decisions on objections to political parties’ candidate lists. Both the parties and objectors are notified of the commission’s decision.

7 to 17 April – Applications for special votes open at local IEC offices. See contact details below. You can apply for a special vote if you’re unable to a voting station on election day because you are too old, ill, living with a disability, or pregnant, or if, for some other reason, you won’t be able to get to your voting station on election day.

8 to 10 April – Appeals can be made to the Electoral Court against IEC decisions on objections to candidates.

10 April – IEC issues the final voting station addresses and maps of mobile voting station routes.

15 April, 17h00 – Deadline for the Electoral Court to rule on appeals against IEC decisions regarding objections to candidates. The IEC, political parties and objectors are all notified of the Electoral Court’s decisions.

17 April, 17h00 – Deadline for applications for special votes.

22 April – IEC releases final lists of candidates and political parties contesting the elections.

24 April – IEC issues certificates to political parties.

30 April – People living abroad cast their votes – only for national elections – during the office hours of their local South African embassy or consulate. In order to vote, expatriates must have completed a notification form at their embassy or consulate, the deadline for which was 12 March.

5 and 6 May, 09h00 to 17h00 – Special votes cast at voting stations and with electoral officers’ visits to the homes of special voters.

7 May, 07h00 to 21h00 – Election day in South Africa

You must vote where you are registered. Check your voting station by SMSing your ID number to 32810 (SMS costs R1), use the My Voter Registration Details app on, or call the toll-free number 0800 11 8000.

Voting stations close at nine at night, but all the people still in the queue at the time must be allowed to cast their vote.


Both files in PDF

For first-time voters: the IXSA campaign – I Vote South Africa

Watch time-lapse video of the creation of the IXSA campaign’s graffiti logo:

Find out more about the IXSA campaign here.

Click the graphic below to download IXSA campaign wallpaper.


Contact the Independent Electoral Commission

IEC National Office
Spokesperson: Kate Bapela
Tel: 012 622 5700
Fax: 012 622 5784
Cell: 082 600 6386

Eastern Cape
Provincial electoral officer: Thami Mraji
Tel: 043 709 4200
Fax: 043 743 4784

Free State
Provincial electoral officer: Chris Mepha
Tel: 051 401 5000
Fax: 051 430 4845

Provincial electoral officer: Masego Sheburi
Tel: 011 644 7400
Fax: 011 644 7448

Provincial electoral officer: Mawethu Mosery
Tel: 031 279 2200
Fax: 031 279 2226

Provincial electoral officer: Nkaro Mateta
Tel: 015 283 9100
Fax: 015 297 2506

Provincial electoral officer: Steve Ngwenya
Tel: 013 754 0200
Fax: 013 753 2564

Northern Cape
Provincial electoral officer: Bonolo Modise
Tel: 053 838 5000
Fax: 053 831 8095

North West
Provincial electoral officer: Tumi Thiba
Tel: 018 391 0800
Fax: 018 391 0851

Western Cape
Provincial electoral officer: Courtney Sampson
Tel: 021 910 5700
Fax: 021 910 4965

You can also find the IEC online:

  • Website:
  • Call centre: 0800 11 8000
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @IECSouthAfrica
  • YouTube:

Other useful election-related contacts

An alphabetical list of contacts for election information, monitoring, advice, training and voter education.

Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA)
For information and monitoring of advertising
011 781 2006

Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA)
For monitoring broadcasters and making complaints
011 325 5736

Commission for Gender Equality (CGE)
For monitoring gender injustice and making complaints
011 403 7182

Disabled People of South Africa
Voter education for disabled people
021 422 0357

Electoral Institute of South Africa (Eisa)
For research, information, advice, voter education and resources
011 381 6000

Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI)
For media monitoring
011 482 1913

Government Printer
For copies of Government Gazettes, in which election notices and legislation are published
012 334 4734-6

Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa)
For information on election broadcasting, as well as advice, monitoring and complaints
011 566 3000/1
Icasa KPMG ethics line
Toll-free: 0800 200 796

Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa)
For coordinating media workers

Media Monitoring Project (MMP)
For information and monitoring of election reporting
Contact: William Bird – director
011 788 1278 or

National Community Radio Forum (NCRF)
For information, training and coordination of community radio reporting and broadcasting
011 403 4336

Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC)
For training and advocacy to help citizens access information about the government, political parties, and the elections
021 461 7211

Open Society Foundation for South Africa (OSF-SA)
For election resources, information and monitoring
Contact: Fatima Hassan – executive director
021 511 1679

Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG)
For monitoring and information about South Africa’s parliament
021 465 8885

Press Council of South Africa and South African Press Ombudsman
For the self-regulation of journalists and monitoring the Press Code
011 484 3612/8

South African Human Rights Commission
For monitoring South Africans’ constitutional human rights, and complaints against human rights abuses
011 877 3600