It starts with you

By Vuyiseka Geza

A cross-section of South African organisations, businesses and government departments came together recently to launch the Movement for Good – It Starts With You campaign at the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg.

The International Marketing Council (IMC), Heartlines, South Africa the Good News, the Valued Citizens Initiative, South African Tourism, First National Bank, City Press newspaper, the South African Broadcasting Corporation, Indalo Yethu, Cell C, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and various government departments put their resources together to encourage South Africans to take charge and “do good” for the country.

“It is about personal responsibility. It is about not saying they must fix it, but I can fix it. I can help create the country I want my children to live in,” said Yvonne Johnston, chief executive of the IMC.

“The destiny of our country is in our hands, and we all have to take responsibility for the future. We encourage everybody to be an active citizen, to take action, any action, to make South Africa the country we all want to live in,” said City Press editor Khathu Mamaila.

South African citizens can register online at or use a cellphone by sending “Good” to 32197. Members will be required to specify their areas of interest, where they want to make a difference, and to provide specific profile information which will be protected by the website.

“The movement for good is part of our healing as a nation, understanding our progress is important and it starts with you,” said Stuart Pennington of South Africa the Good News.

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