interracial couple cassarica nadas experience

‘Our experiences are not because we’re an interracial couple – we’re just a couple.’

Cassarica Nadas and Gareth Mays see themselves as an ordinary couple – even if other people refer to them as being in an interracial...

A guide to South African political parties

With 13 parties represented in Parliament, South Africa has a vibrant multiparty political system. While the African National Congress is in the majority, opposition parties remain robust and vocal. Here's a quick rundown of South African party politics.
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Freedom Month ‘to promote unity’

President Jacob Zuma will lead the country in marking Freedom Month in April, celebrating "the achievements of all South Africans in moving away from hatred, divisions and a painful history to build a common future together", says the Presidency.

Gallery: Constitutional Court

South Africa's Constitutional Court is not your average court house. Packed with symbolism and magnificent works of art, the court is always open and anyone may come in and look around at any time.
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Social grants making an impact

Social grants making an impact

While income equality remains high in South Africa, the latest figures from Statistics SA show that black households' share of consumption expenditure has risen, and that the government's social security programmes are having a "significant impact" on inequality in the country.
Twenty million on Voter's Roll

Ready to cast your vote?

Elections 2004 Everything you need to know to make your vote count in SA's third democratic elections on 14 April.
Twenty million on Voter's Roll

Twenty million on Voter’s Roll

Over 20 million South Africans are on the National Common Voters' Roll to be used in the 2004 elections, with over 4 million eligible to vote for the first time. 54% of the country's eligible voters are women, 44% are younger than 35, and 64% live in urban areas.

Electoral system stays for 2004

South Africa will retain its current 400-member National Assembly and proportional representation system for the 2004 general elections, before implementing the changes recommended by an independent task team.

Moseneke joins Constitutional Court

President Thabo Mbeki has appointed Judge Dikgang Moseneke to the Constitutional Court with immediate effect. Making the new appointment on the weekend, Mbeki said he was confident that Moseneke would carry out his Constitutional Court functions with distinction.
Court 'no' to ANC floor-crossers

Court ‘no’ to ANC floor-crossers

The Constitutional Court ruled that five KwaZulu-Natal legislative members who defected to the African National Congress would not be protected. Instead, they have lost their seats, and four of the five have so far been replaced by the parties they defected from.


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