Taxi industry steers all efforts to curb Covid-19

‘Short left, short right, after robot driver’, familiar South African phrases when in a taxi, commuting in and around the urban and rural areas of the country.

According to the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO); the minibus taxi industry is a critical pillar of the South African public transport sector, operating for more than five decades. What makes the taxi industry unique is that the vast majority of the country’s workforce, get to and from their destinations – on time at the lowest cost.

However, since the rise of the global pandemic, Coronavirus having reached South Africa, the taxi industry has had severe difficulties in trying to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread, whilst making sure commuter needs and safety continue to be met.

This has also received support from SA Taxi, a commercial business that focuses exclusively on the empowerment and building of entrepreneurs in the taxi industry. SA Taxi played their part by announcing recently that they have committed more than R3 million on sanitizers and masks for the taxi ranks and taxis to assist the industry in the fight against Covid-19.

SA Taxi’s Communications Executive, Maroba Maduma said, “we are encouraged by the bold steps taken by President Ramaphosa and his administration, to contain the spread of this deadly disease and mitigate its socio-economic impact, particularly among the country’s most vulnerable citizens, many of whom commute daily via minibus taxis. As such we are answering the President’s call for citizens and corporates to make a meaningful contribution towards the fight against COVID 19 by donating these essential and scarce items”.

With Gauteng identified as the epicentre of the virus, the donation will be distributed mainly in the province. SA Taxi also announced a payment relief plan to their customers to minimise the financial strain during the lockdown period.

Many taxi associations have heeded the call, rolled up their sleeves and are taking measures to protect their commuters.  Mr Gabriel Mataboge, the General Secretary of Alexandra Taxi Association (ATA) said; “we are doing our bit to adhere to the rules and regulations of the lockdown. We disinfect the rank and taxis on a regular basis and allow 70 percent of passengers in a taxi.”

These positive contributions have been well received by the taxi industry. As Brand South Africa we commend the collaborative efforts taken by all sectors of society in fighting the spread of the virus. The spirit of ‘ubuntu’ that is part our DNA as a nation, continues to unite us and inspire the world.

Watch video to see how ATA is playing their part.

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