Share the spirit of Ubuntu during the holiday season under CoVID-19

They say “Tis the season to be jolly”

The holiday season is upon us, and as we celebrate with loved ones in these unprecedented times of a global pandemic, we are reminded of our spirit of generosity and Ubuntu as a nation. This year has left many scarred by unemployment, food security, gender-based violence and the loss of their loved ones due to the Coronavirus.

Brand South Africa would like to encourage citizens to play their part through acts of kindness towards each other. Let us join together as a people and reconcile towards fighting the social challenges faced by many South Africans this year in particular. With the country still under lock down level 1, still observing strict regulations, citizens are urged to continue taking the necessary precautions such as social distancing, wearing masks and regular washing of hands. Let COVID-19 not take away the joy of the South African way of celebrating with friends and family.

As hard as it may be to celebrate the holiday from a distance and very differently from the norm, small acts of kindness can still go a long way.

Here are some tips to spread the love towards others even under COVID-19

  • Do at least one act of kindness every day
  • Share a smile with a stranger
  • Cook an extra plate for a stranger
  • Donate some unused clothes and shoes
  • Get crafting with recycled goods to support the homeless
  • Support local by buying local goods and services

South Africans are well known for their big-heartedness. Take for example the story of a Wits medical student Mumtaaz Emeran from Cape Town who will now graduate in 2021, after good Samaritans settled four hundred thousand rands of her student debt.

“This degree is something that belongs to every one of you and I want you to know that it’s because of every one of you that this was possible and I thank you so, so much,” said, Emeran.

Click here to watch her appreciation video to South Africa.

Another way to stay close but afar during the holidays is for all to take a moment to look forward to the Christmas Star that will be visible on the 21st of December 2020 according to the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA). The star is actually not a star but the alignment of the planets Jupiter and Saturn. It is known as a conjunction and this particular one is called a great conjunction.

“The conjunction is a really big event as I’m sure you know. Jupiter and Saturn will come as close as 0.1 degrees (a fifth of the moon’s angular size!) Great conjunctions are rare, occurring only every 20 years, and this one is particularly special because it’s so close. Over a period of one thousand years, from 1600 to 2599, there are only six great conjunctions where the minimum separation between Jupiter and Saturn is less than 0.2 degrees: 1623, 1683, 2020, 2080, 2417, and 2477”, said the ASSA.

As we hope for a better 2021, let’s all remember that a little bit of kindness could change someone’s life somewhere. So let’s open our hearts and wallets to help those who have nothing.

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