#LivingtheLegacy: Unapologetically Asanda

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic and as we reflect on Nelson Mandela’s legacy that serves as a memory that gives hope for South Africa; Brand South Africa engages with young people who are in pursuit of achieving equality for all, education for children, and the promotion of peace, justice, and freedom for all. The young people of South Africa are determined to continue the fight that Nelson Mandela and their grandparents began and are taking a stand against racism, gender inequality and addressing social ills.

Asanda Dibakoane also known as “Unapologetically Asanda”, a 16-year-old social activist and change maker from Mamelodi. She was recently crowned Miss Teen Mamelodi Princess 2020 and wants to use her voice to redefine and create spaces where women don’t have to be unapologetic about their capabilities. She is a philanthropist who has found her purpose to help families in need during time difficult time. She recently launched her first project – soup kitchen outside her home in Mamelodi East Extension 18.

“It was the exposure of the social issues that made me realise that there are households that lack and are completely dependent on the government for assistance. I also realised that some children depend on school nutrition programmes to get their meal each day.  So I started the initiative to help provide to those families in need”, she expressed.

Her parents sponsored the project which she would like to expand to other parts of Mamelodi and the country. She is also working on her other projects which include donating sanitary towels to young girls in need and clothing to struggling expectant mothers.

“I am so excited to have started an initiative that helps the disadvantaged and grateful for the ability to put a smile on someone’s face with just the little I can do. It makes this experience priceless. I want to inspire young people and I want show society that humanity is what brings the community together. I want to be able to help every young person in their social and personal spaces, so that they know you don’t have to be older or have a lot of money to make a difference and have influence”, said Asanda.