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SWEET ART FACTORY cake tasting under a nationwide lockdown

During the nationwide lockdown, many have gone online to vent their frustrations, while others are daydreaming of things they will do once the battle against the deadly pandemic Coronavirus is won.

One of the things to do for Lerato Mopeli will be to order his own slice of cake from the SWEET ART FACTORY. This following a one of a kind cake tasting which left him wanting more and others in stitches of laughter.

SWEET ART FACTORY is the brainchild of Qwa-Qwa based Kananelo Mofokeng who always had a love for baking from a young age but started taking interest in cake-decorating when her daughter was about to turn a year old in 2013.

“I had this random idea that I should bake and decorate a cake for her first birthday but that never happened. I bought my first cake-decorating book and had a few experiments, fast forward three years later I finally made a cake for her third birthday and I was quite impressed by the outcome,” shares Mofokeng.

After venturing into kids’ event planning business, a few of her clients asked her to start selling cakes after they saw some of her early-days’ work. She said these clients helped her believe in her cake-decorating skills and thus the bakery business was born.

In celebrating her sister’s birthday, Kananelo announced to her online Facebook followers that she’ll be hosting a cake-tasting on the eve of April’s fools. Of course many thought this was a prelude to April fool’s but curiosity had the better of them.

“Hi everyone, welcome to SWEET ART FACTORY online cake tasting, you guys really came out in numbers hey I’m so humbled”, she posted on her page.

“I present to you the Cherries overload and the Granadilla Cheese cake”, as she posted two pictures of mouth-watering, colour boasting of ornamental, meltingly delicious cakes.

Please follow these steps to make sure you get the best experience out of this:

  1. Stare at the cakes for a good minute
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Now imagine that in your mouth


The end…

Thank you all so much for attending my cake tasting, be sure to place an order to stop imagining and actually have a slice of our delicious cakes. After all you deserve it, you are fighting a deadly enemy and protecting our country, 21 days indoors aren’t no joke!” ends the post.”

Turns out, this was a prelude to April fool’s but also a clever marketing stunt by SWEET ART FACTORY. Where else can you host a cake tasting during a nationwide lockdown?

“I really had fun and the cherry on top was that I actually got a few orders which I can only do post the lockdown which is a downside for my business,” adds Mofokeng.

Although it is not business as usual, businesses are finding innovate ways to keep engagement with customers, continuously sharing content on how to keep safe and offering discounts.

Motivating other SMME’s, Mofokeng urges them to find innovative ways that will help sustain their business post-COVID-19. “For now, I will keep engaging with current and prospective customers through humour as I take this time to work towards building a bigger and better SWEET ART FACTORY that has a unique ambiance where people will come and experience a different ‘culture’ over a locally produced cup of coffee or juice”, she concludes.

In light of the reality that SMME’s will be struggling during the lockdown, the Department of Small Business Development established a Debt Relief Fund to assist small businesses.

Minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni said, “Government understands that SMMEs will be affected on two levels as businesses when the economy slows down and as suppliers of products and services during this period.”

“The Debt Relief Fund is aimed at providing relief on existing debts and repayments, to assist SMMEs during the period of the Covid-19 State of Disaster”, she said.

For SMMEs to be eligible for assistance under the Debt Relief Fund. The applicant must demonstrate a direct link of the impact or potential impact of COVID-19 on business operations. A registration portal went live on the SMME South Africa portal on the 24th March 2020.

To order from SWEET ART FACTORY follow their page on Facebook or contact 081 718 2499