Why invest in South Africa?

With its wealth of minerals, South Africa is one of the most resource-rich regions on the planet. Add to this its sophisticated financial sector...

Black winemakers to benefit from new agro-processing incentive

The Department of Trade and Industry’s Agro-Processing Support Scheme aims to stimulate investment in the agro-processing sector, and black winemakers in particular are being...
tax allowances

Investment incentives available in South Africa

South Africa offers various attractive investment incentives, targeted at specific sectors or types of business activities.Government assistanceThe Department of Trade and Industry (the dti)...
South Africa reassures investors

South Africa reassures investors

South Africa's minister of finance, Pravin Gordhan, and representatives of the Reserve Bank, business and labour embarked on an international roadshow last week to pass on a single message to investors: the country is stable and has healthy economy, able to overcome challenges.
Incentives for clothing and textile sector

South Africa must up competitiveness

Manufacturers need to work with the state - which has several incentive and support strategies - to raise South Africa's competitiveness, says the trade and industry minister. The clothing and textile sector, for example, has several clusters and programmes to help manufacturers.
SA offers incentives for hotels to retrofit for disabled

SA offers incentives for hotels to retrofit for disabled

Incentives are to be offered to graded hotels across South Africa to redesign for universal accessibility and energy efficiency, Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom said at the opening of Cape Town's Park Inn Hotel, where a third of the staff are deaf.
Hopeville: a journey of restoration

South Africa looks to build on film, TV incentives

The government will continue to improve its incentive scheme for South Africa's film and television industry, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies told members of the industry on Thursday, noting that film and TV production are significant contributors to the country's economy.
SA scientists win AU awards

Tax incentive aims to boost R&D innovation

Companies undertaking scientific research and development in South Africa are eligible for a 150% tax deduction on R&D expenditure, the Department of Science and Technology announced on Thursday. The incentive is available to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors as long as they are registered in South Africa.
Electronics factory boost for W Cape

SA economy ‘needs structural shift to grow’

South Africa's economy needs to undergo a structural shift, away from exporting mining commodities to producing value-added products, if it is to create jobs and growth, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said at the unveiling of the latest version of the country's Industrial Policy Action Plan.
Sappi reduces its carbon footprint

DTI revises manufacturing incentives

The Department of Trade and Industry has published revised incentives for manufacturers that aim to offer better support to small- and medium-size enterprises, a spokesman said last week. Changes include lowering the caps on incentives for capital investments, green technology and improved resource efficiency.

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