Annual Report 2018/2019

During the year under review a number of thought leadership articles focusing on land, active citizenry, and sports were produced and disseminated on multiple platforms.

In the continued efforts of empowering stakeholders with the Nation Brand performance understanding, a number of stakeholder engagements were undertaken in the past year. These included sessions with strategic state institutions such as DIRCO, the dti, provinces and cities. There were also sessions aimed at empowering business and civil society stakeholders.

Brand South Africa developed a unique research segmentation model for the South African society which won two awards at the Southern Africa Market Research Association in 2018.

In the past year the marketing strategies that were employed in enhancing Nation Brand awareness and image included Brand South Africa’s flagship programme called Play Your Part and Nation Brand positioning marketing campaigns that showcased the skill of South African people in entrepreneurship.

Business also played its part by collaborating with Brand South Africa in promoting investments through a campaign called CEOs Know and SA Inc. The CEOs Know, an endorsement campaign told an inspiring story of why investors choose to invest in South Africa. The campaign was aired in targeted markets that are aligned to South Africa’s investment drive.


Annual Report 2018/2019

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