Annual Report 2016/2017

The 2016/2017 Brand South Africa annual report covers a period in which the country improved its ranking in the Nation Brand Index. Our rise to 35 – out of 50 nations – is, in part, down to the work we have done at international forums and in our proactive domestic initiatives.

Through the Nation Brand Forum, we have been able to spread the message of nation brand management nationally and, along with domestic stakeholders, devise a message that coalesces around our national strengths. We have expanded our homegrown flagship Play Your Part programme and embraced the power of social media to give every South African an opportunity to contribute constructively to building a vibrant, strong and sustainable Nation Brand.

These partnerships have given us a foundation on which to deepen, expand and strengthen South Africa’s identity across the globe. We look forward to reaching more than the 1,5-billion people we did through our involvement with international forums like WEF Davos.


Annual report 2016 / 2017

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