Director: Corporate Services

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Department of Corporate Services

Salary: R1 252 042 - R1 699 740 (TCTC per annum)

Minimum years experience needed:


Valid From:




Job Description:

Responsible for leading and managing the Corporate Services (CS) division (Human Resources, Information Technology and Planning) to ensure the provision of efficient and effective services to Brand South Africa in accordance with legislative and statutory requirements in order to support the delivery of the organisational goals contained in the strategic and annual performance plans.

List of skills needed:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Appropriate B-Degree and post graduate qualification in business or management or   strategy
  • 10 years’ management experience of which 5 years should have been in senior management level
  • Experience in a service-oriented or consulting organization

Key Performance Areas:

  1. Strategic Leadership and Management 
  • Provides strategic leadership within Corporate Services
  • Contributes substantively to Brand South Africa’s strategy, planning and reporting processes
  • Contributes towards good governance
  • Plans and oversees the drafting and formulation of the Brand South Africa’ strategic and annual performance plans.
  • Develops overall corporate policies and/or proposals within the related field and recommends and presents these to the Board for approval
  • Develops and formulates overall CS divisional strategic and annual performance plans which comprise of the following portfolios:        
    Human Capital;
    Information Technology; and
  1. Operational Management
  • Oversees and directs the rendering of efficient and effective CS support to Brand South Africa business operations.
  • Manages CS operational performance, operations processes, policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Complies and properly adheres to relevant legislations and statutory requirements.
  • Develops and implements systems/tools for the execution, monitoring and completion of projects in different business units both locally and internationally
  • Prepares, manages and monitors the capital and operational budget of the CS division.
  • Ensures the effective and efficient budgetary cost control.
  1. People Management
  • Effectively leads and manages the CS division by maintaining a motivated team to deliver on Brand South Africa strategy within the allocated budget.
  • Promotes a culture and practices that reflect the Brand South Africa values and encourages good performance.
  • Determines human resource requirements taking into consideration operational needs, skills scarcity and retention capability.
  • Manages staff and administer the performance management system for the organisation.
  • Develops and leads a transformation programme of the Brand South Africa aligned with the objectives of the Employment Equity (EE) Act.
  • Participate in the recruitment and selection of individuals according to job requirements, EE targets and guidelines.
  1. Stakeholder Relations 
  • Establishes and maintains appropriate stakeholder relations with the Executive Authority, Board, REMCO and Portfolio committee.
  • Interact with SCM to ensure SLAs have been met and contracts managed appropriately.
  1. Quality Assurance & Management
  • Ensures quality reporting of the statutory documents such as quarterly reports, annual reports and strategic plans to the Executive Authority.
  1. Financial Management 
  • Budget and expenditure management.

Required Skills, Competencies and Attributes

  • Knowledge and/or working experience in the management and administration of Corporate Services.
  • Knowledge of budgeting and cost control procedure.
  • Knowledge and working experience in the applications of the Public Financial Management Act (PFMA) and the Treasury Regulations.
  • Thorough knowledge of HR and IT laws and strategies (e.g. training legislation, labour laws, access to information, IT security, IT governance).

Technical Skills:

  • Business performance measurement (strategic, operational and financial)
  • Budgeting
  • MS office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Policy formulation
  • Presentation skills
  • Strategy development and implementation

Managerial Skill:

  • Resource planning and allocation
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Leadership
  • Self-management


  • Meticulous
  • Big picture thinking with appreciation for detail
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Team player
  • Attention to details
  • Perform under pressure
  • Results oriented (output driven)
  • Above average level of perceptiveness and discernment

Brand South Africa is committed to ensuring and maintaining workplace diversity and the attainment of employment equity, having due regard to qualifications and appropriate experience. Please include certified copies of ID, and qualifications and contact details of at least 3 referees.

Brand South Africa encourages applications from people with disabilities, whites male/female and Indian male/female as per EE requirements. 

This position is subject to competency assessments. Brand South Africa retains the right not to employ.



Apply for the "Director: Corporate Services" vacancy by emailing:

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