#InspiredByMyConstitution 2017 campaign

Inspired by the idea that all South African youth must know about the Constitution and what it means for them – Brand South Africa launched the second instalment of the #InspiredByMyConstitution campaign.

VIDEO: #InspiredByMyConstitution with Imraan Christian

This particular video is of Imraan Christian a photographer from Hanneberg, Cape Town. A community riddled by gang violence, drug abuse and youth unemployment. Imraan shares how the constitution and the right to freedom of expression has had his back and pursue his dream of being a photographer.

Our Constitution has got your back

South Africa’s Constitution protects the rights of all of us, so well, that it has real benefits in our everyday lives. That was the message at the launch of the second installment of Brand South Africa’s #InspiredByMyConstitution campaign in Johannesburg recently. READ MORE >

Press release: Brand South Africa launches #InspiredByMyConstitution campaign

The #InspiredByMyConstitution campaign seeks to inspire young people by showcasing everyday manifestations of the Constitution of South Africa. Bringing this objective to life through a series of web films are celebrity social influencers Gemini Major, Imraan Christian and Letoya Makhene. READ MORE >

Meet South Africa’s first gay biker club

Sporting an emblem of a boy spreading his wings, South Africa’s first gay biker club, Unapologetic, is exercising its freedom to be who they are. The group’s founder, James William Brown, credits the Constitution for this. READ MORE >