Human Rights Month 2017

South Africa’s Human Rights Day, 21 March – declared International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination by the UN – is synonymous with the historic township Sharpeville, situated between the industrial cities of Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging about 50 kilometres south of Johannesburg.


Ten South African human rights achievements

Les Amazones
17 March 2017 – South Africa has made some astounding strides in recognising and achieving human rights in the past 23 years. In the run up to Human Rights Day, we look back at some milestones. READ MORE >


Les Amazones d’Afrique sing for human rights and gender equality

Les Amazones
17 March 2017 – An all-female music supergroup, made up of some of Africa’s legendary performers, are collaborating to drive gender equality and human rights on the continent. READ MORE >


Five South African human rights NGOs you should know about

human rights NGOs
16 March 2017 – Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), backed by academia, social justice advocates and the arts play an important role in upholding the ideals of human rights in South Africa and on the continent. READ MORE >


Disabled South Africans: know your rights – Infographic

human rights for the disabled
16 March 2017 – South Africa has progressive policies to protect and uplift the disabled. For Human Rights Month, we take a look at how disabled South Africans are included in the workplace and in society. READ MORE >


South Africans championing human rights

human rights champions
15 March 2017 – Besides the late Nelson Mandela, many other South Africans have stood up for human rights. Among their names, we can count people like Desmond Tutu and Miriam Makeba. They have all devoted their time and talents to improving the lives of all people. READ MORE >


21 human rights all South Africans enjoy today

21 human rights
14 March 2017 – Apartheid laws were designed to segregate South Africa’s population in terms of race. The majority suffered discrimination in terms of education, economic rights, social standing, and eventually even citizenship. Today, the Bill of Rights enshrines many rights denied in the past. READ MORE >