Johannesburg, Wednesday 01 July 2020 – Many shared beliefs of the nation are held across different racial, cultural, socio-economic groups. The South African nation’s diversity is...

Research Update: How did the financial crisis and 4th Industrial Revolution get WEF to...

Background: It would seem as if two tectonic shifts, one in the somewhat bizarre world of global finance (post the Global Finance Crisis), and the...

Brand South Africa’s Domestic Perceptions Research wins two awards at the Southern African Market...

Johannesburg, Friday 15 June 2018 - Brand South Africa in collaboration with its domestic perceptions research agencies, African Response and MarkData, are proud to...

Press release: South Africa drops three places in nation brand index

Brand South Africa released South Africa’s performance in the 2017 Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index (NBI), which sees South Africa’s ranking dropping by three points...

Nation branding strategies for addressing credit ratings downgrades

Members of the South African business community, including economists and banking representatives, attended a discussion forum facilitated by Brand South Africa to find solutions...

South Africa’s performance in the World Bank, Doing Business Index

worldbank researchWorld Bank, Doing business in a more transparent world, Doing Business Report 2013

South Africa sees a slight decline in its performance this year. This is a result not so much of the country performing worse, it is a result of some other countries moving up the ranking ladder by improving doing business conditions at a faster pace than South Africa.
This year’s report notes that among the 50 economies with the biggest improvements since 2005 (a third) are in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Analysis [PDF, 85Kb]

Key issues from Mo Ibrahim Index 2012

mo ibrahim researchThe Mo Ibrahim Index, currently in its 6th year, released its annual report on African governance on the 15th of October 2012. This year South Africa remains in the fifth position it has occupied since the index launched in 2006.

In terms of the methodology the Mo Ibrahim Foundation deploys it is necessary to note that it is a composite index. The index is constructed by combining underlying indicators in a standardised way to provide a statistical measure of governance performance in African countries.

Key Issues [PDF, 383Kb]

WEF Competitiveness Roundtable

wef researchRoundtable discussion held at the University of the Witwatersrand, on Friday, 28th September 2012.

This year South Africa ranks at number 52 out of 144 nations surveyed for this year’s report. South Africa is the highest-ranked African country and third-placed among the BRICS economies. This working paper highlights some of the strengths and weaknesses in South Africa’s performance. In addition it presents some of the key issues discussed during the roundtable.

Working Papers [PDF, 744Kb]

The BRICS Development Bank – How will it support African business and regional integration?

brics researchRoundtable discussion held at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Sandton, on Tuesday, 25th September 2012.

Taking into account the rather unsatisfying track record of the Bretton Woods Institutions to address the needs of developing countries, and the institutions’ inability to find appropriate and effective solutions to the global financial crisis, the concept of a BRICS Development Bank – the proposal which was made at the 4th BRICS Leaders Summit in New Delhi in March 2012 – presents the opportunity for emerging economies to reshape the global financial architecture and to contribute to the reform of these institutions.

Although the concept of a BRICS Development Bank is still being studied by a working group of the BRICS Finance Ministers, there are expectations, that the formation of such a bank could assist the African continent to realise much needed infrastructure projects and unlock the continent’s economic potential.

Discussion document [PDF 200Kb]

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