Media Club South Africa


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The Brand South Africa media service, Media Club South Africa is an invaluable news and content resource, providing original feature articles and high-quality Creative Commons photos for use online and in print.

The project was born out of recognition of the important role the media plays in shaping perceptions about South Africa.

Aimed specifically at journalists, communicators, bloggers and other media practitioners with an interest in South Africa, Media Club South Africa offers relevant, mind-opening, up-to-date and verifiable information on the country and its achievements – all free of charge.

Content includes news, features, stunning infographics and photography.

Information on the website is clustered around a number of categories for easy reference and access, covering a wide range of subjects such the economy, the people, arts and culture, history and heritage, and social development.

Registration is offered as an option to users who wish to access the comprehensive image library, also available free of charge.

All material on Media Club South Africa can be republished as is, or it can serve as thought-starters for story ideas.

Feedback and comments are welcome to ensure that the service consistently meets expectations.